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  • Victoria – Meet our Member

      In this month’s member profile, we catch up with Victoria, a nanny who specialises in maternity work. Victoria’s work has certainly taken her places: from NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, Washington, Zurich, London, Prague, the Bahamas… the list goes on and on! Through her career, she’s worked with amazing families all over the world (sheRead more →

  • Nanny Share explained by real families

    Nanny Share explained by real families

    There’s a myriad of childcare options available to modern parents and it can be difficult to decide which option would be the best one for your family. Still confused about what Nanny Share means? Nanny Share can be a great alternative to a childcare centre or Sole Charge nanny. Therefore, it’s important to fully understandRead more →

  • Joey Lauren Meet a Member
  • CPR – Moving from old practises to new
  • Nanny Pilot Programme – Give me a break!

    Nanny Pilot Programme – Give me a break!

    OPINION 3rd February 2016 What is the Nanny Pilot Programme? The programme is a 2-year trial partially subsidised by the Australian Federal Government. This programme assists families with child care in their own home provided by a nanny. It has been put in place to assist families who have multiple children, live in an areaRead more →

  • Nanny Q and A
  • The Nanny Perspective

    The 2015 ANA Convention was an invitation to play. Over 100 nannies joined in the fun, as we played with ideas, with magic, with friends new and old, and with a surprising collection of loose parts. We even took our VIP dance shoes to Club 23 – one of Australia’s most exclusive “indoor play centres”.Read more →

  • Applications OPEN Nanny Pilot Programme

    Applications OPEN Nanny Pilot Programme

    Applications are now open for the Nanny Pilot Programme Families struggling to access child care and who require more flexible arrangements can now apply to participate in the Australian Government’s new Nanny Pilot Programme. The two-year pilot will begin in 2016 and provide fee assistance to help eligible families with the cost of using aRead more →

  • Nanny life

    Nanny life

    People aren’t kidding when they say life is slower here in Perth. Nanny life is not as present here in Western Australia, (or I was just living under a rock?) and what was I going to do about putting us on the map? PSA: One from WA in whom has never been to Sydney onRead more →

  • Miss Chardy and her Governess

    Miss Chardy and her Governess

    Miss Chardy is a mum in the outback and she shares her story about kids and life on a Cattle station in the Northern Territory. ‘I am an extroverted Wine Enthusiast who lives in the middle of nowhere. My husband, 3 young boys and I live on a large cattle station in the Northern Territory,Read more →

  • What Is A Governess?

    What Is A Governess?

    What Is A Governess? The word governess is a very old term which has been around for hundreds of years. In the modern age all people working with children from nannies to family daycarers to teachers are called Educators. The role of a governess is holistic as you live within the family home and business.Read more →

  • Marnie Wren – Meet our Member

    Marnie Wren – Meet our Member

    The ANA is proud to present – MEET A MEMBER. A blog series dedicated to highlighting the career paths of our incredible nanny members. The impact a great nanny can have on a family is invaluable and every single nanny has a different story to share. The ANA is dedicated to representing all our nannyRead more →

  • Girl with Cake

    Girl with Cake

      What is Girl with Cake? Girl With Cake is about kindness. Extravagant kindness, I guess. I think kindness is so often seen as a naive, unnecessary, childish notion, but I think it’s becoming more and more important. The internet is pushing the limits of decency and I can see that filtering into our everydayRead more →

  • Alice Vandersteen professional nanny

    Alice Vandersteen professional nanny

    Alice Vandersteen joins us to discuss her career as a professional nanny. How long have you been working as a nanny? I have worked as a professional nanny for nearly 24 years. I started at age 18 after completing year 12. How did you get started as a nanny? I started working through a topRead more →

  • My concerns over the nanny pilot program

    My concerns over the nanny pilot program

    My concerns over the pilot program An opinion piece on the pilot program from a professional nanny’s point of view. Lauren from Lollaby – Professional nanny and blogger The government’s nanny pilot program has been all the talk within the parenting and nanny community lately.  Earlier this month the draft guidelines were released for theRead more →