Teresa Giles from Red Nose Australia

Teresa is a safe sleeping educator with Red Nose – Australia’s leading expert in evidence-based safe sleeping research and education. As a Red Nose educator, Teresa presents to parents, carers and health professionals in the area of current optimal infant care practices and strategies to reduce Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI).
Teresa is a registered nurse with more than 20 years’ nursing experience in the health sector, and in addition to her role a Red Nose, works as a Clinical Nurse Educator at one of Melbourne’s leading tertiary hospitals.
Teresa is passionate about providing safe sleeping information to families, new parents, and health professionals, and understands the overwhelm that new parents can sometimes have when it comes to safe sleeping advice.



As a nanny, do you understand your entitlements? As an agency, do you know the legal rates your nannies should actually be earning? As a private employer, do you understand how to pay your domestic staff? As a collective, are FairWork obligations, tax legislation and superannuation contributions being upheld in your domestic employment situation?

Emma Bowdler is a small business owner and mother of 4 who has employed nannies for her own children. With more than 13 years experience, Emma is an accountant, a registered tax agent, managing director of a recruitment agency and the founder of NannyPay.

NannyPay is the result of many families, agencies and nanny enquiry into the complicated world of payroll and its associated obligations and requirements. NannyPay strives to provide a seamless service to families, nannies and agencies to ensure they are paid on time, accurately and in compliance with industry regulations.

Emma’s approachable and easy-going nature will ensure all our attendees will be well informed as to the legalities and obligations faced by both employers and nannies and will equip us with the tools we need to set personal employment standards and know our worth as child care professionals.


VANESSA HAMILTON FROM Talking the Talk Sex & Health Education

Vanessa Hamilton is a Sexuality Nurse Educator and Mum to three wonderful boys. She is the founder of Talking the Talk, working as a highly respected and sought after speaker, writer and educator. Vanessa has spoken to literally tens of thousands of people about Sex and Sexuality during her 24 years experience as a Sexual Health Nurse and has also spent 16 years educating children and adults. She has immersed herself in helping parents, teachers and health professionals understand Human Sexuality and how it relates to children. By providing simple explanations, tools and tips she reduces the fear that many people have and facilitates conversations that support children as they grow up in this hypersexualised society. Her tag line is “Lets get started it’s easier than you think”.



Helen Godfrey – Building Resiliency in Children

Helen Godfrey has over 35 years teaching experience working in a Victorian Outdoor Education Centre. Teaching students from government schools about challenge, teamwork and leadership through many outdoor activities including, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, walking, cross country skiing, high ropes and horse riding. In addition to this she has brought up two children to be resilient adults.

As a teacher she has a strong interest in building resiliency in young people through learning how to assess risk and undertake challenges. These challenges may be the ones commonly thought of in outdoor education as the physical ones, but there are many other challenges for young people including social, and emotional challenges.

Over her extensive career with children from all ages, experiences and backgrounds she has developed an understanding of how to encourage risk taking and allowing the children to develop resiliency strategies to set them up for the challenging future they will have as adults in today’s changing society.





KATIE JACOBSON FROM Eco Explorers Australia

Katie is a passionate environmental educator and scientist who has over 20 years experience running environmental education programs and more recently, working with children as a fully accredited AustSwim Teacher. She is currently completing her studies in Early Childhood Education and has many years bush experience while conducting field research ‘off the beaten track’ in remote farming, forested and desert landscapes.

From an early age her father, an exploration geologist, taught Katie to read maps and the bush to survive and she looks forward to sharing these skills with the next generation of great explorers!

Katie runs bush playgroups for Eco Explorers at Lysterfield Lake and Wattle park.


Jan Millikan, OAM, is the founder and former Director of the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE), a continuing committee member, and the REAIE representative to the Reggio Children International Network. Most recently Jan represented REAIE as one of the partners in the Thinker in Residence program organised by the Government of South Australia. Jan was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2012 for services to Early Childhood Education.

Jan’s professional roles have involved work as a consultant in multicultural education, and a lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of Melbourne. Jan has also been a Senior Fellow at both Melbourne and Monash Universities, as well as a Fellow of the Australian Council of Educators. She has authored two books, and has contributed many professional articles to journals both nationally and internationally. Jan is on the editorial board for the Journal of Research in International Education.


BEN WOOD ILLUSTRATOR – www.benwoodillustrations.com

Ben Wood is a children’s illustrator. He has illustrated over 25 books, including Blast Off! by Shelly Unwin, the Squishy Taylor series by Ailsa Wild, and the exciting new series Real Pigeons by Andrew McDonald. He has also had several titles on the CBCA Notable list in 2016 and 2017. When not in the studio, Ben visits schools across Australia.


DIANNE LOVEDAY –  Bayside Mediation

Dianne works as a Family Law Mediator (FDRP) supporting families through arguably, one of the most difficult periods in their lives. She is a qualified Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner, offering Child Focused and Child Inclusive services in private practice for 6 years. Her focus on the welfare of the children of the relationship. Bayside Mediation support parents to understand what is in the best interest of their children, they explain that access arrangements need to consider a child’s cognitive and psychological development, helping parents stay focused on long term goals that will benefit their children’s emotions development. We help parents understand appropriate conversations and interactions to have with their children about their new living arrangements. They work with parents to produce a Parenting Plan that forms the blue print for all future care arrangements. Family Dispute Resolution provides a legal, non-adversarial alternative for separating couples, to resolve their disputes with the help and support of a qualified, neutral, FDRP mediator.

Dianne presentation – Understanding how nannies can support the children of families going through separation and divorce, will be an interactive presentation where questions will be welcome.


DAVID PETERS from Vic Deaf

David Peters was born Deaf and is in the third generation of a Deaf family. David’s parents, grandparents and 7 siblings are profoundly Deaf.
David has been involved with the Victorian Deaf Society (Vicdeaf) over 32 years in various roles and departments and currently holds the Community & Culture Coordinator at Vicdeaf. He lectures to a variety of organisations about Deaf awareness, culture, workplace relationships, communication strategies, social norms whilst also organising information workshops for the Deaf community. He has delivered various forms of training, presentations and workshops to over 20,000 attendees in the last twelve years.
David, as a volunteer, also has a continuing history of involvement with Deaf sporting organisations. Since 1985, he has held the position of President, Vice President and Treasurer at Deaf Sports Australia (DSA).
He has also been a delegate to the Deaflympics (International Deaf Sports Committee) congress since 1983 and has participated in both summer (1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017) and winter (1983, 1987, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011) games; both as a team official, Chef de Mission of Australian Deaflympics Team and as delegate to the International Committee of the Sports for the Deaf (ICSD).
He is now as a Secretary-General of Asia Pacific Deaf Confederation.

KATE REIMER from Life Wellbeing Services

Kate is a registered counsellor, working with Life Wellbeing Services to provide counselling and training to children, youth and adults. Her previous employment as a nanny gave her lived experience of the joys and stresses of the caring role and informs her current work with families and carers. Kate has a passion to equip carers with practical strategies for attending to their own emotional, psychological, physical, and social needs so they can give out of the abundance of who they are.


RACHEL MORRIS is from Little Art Big Art

Rachael Morris, professional artist and highly qualified and passionate School Teacher (Masters of Education (Student Wellbeing); Bachelor of Arts/Education Primary & Secondary), is the founder and teacher behind Little Art Big Art.
Little Art Big Art where you’ll find range of programs for little and big people, as well as Rachael’s colourful creations. Her programs encourage creative thinking through art exploration and skill development whilst exploring a vast range of art concepts. Her art philosophy is simple, ‘Art is about being a free, creative soul. That’s what I do when I create and that’s what I encourage my own children and students to do – IMAGINE, CREATE, CELEBRATE!’ Her Masters of Education and hands on experience as a mum means Rachael understands the importance of providing a nurturing learning environment. One that encourages risk taking but fosters a love for imagining and creating.

Rachael’s own artworks currently embrace watercolour. Her work is informed by the young artist she teaches and our natural world. She enjoys injecting colour into each piece in the hope to put a smile on each viewers face. Rachael welcomes customised artworks.

Rachael holds strong connections with her local community supporting a range of organisations and businesses through donations of artworks as well as hosting many free workshops.


Toni-Marie Aston from 2aT Startup

Combining both her passion of supporting small business with her expertise in digital marketing and branding, Toni took the leap and quit her successful role as an eComm and Digital Marketing Manager. And in December 2015 she launched 2aT Startup, with a mission to not only support small business, but also to educate them about what makes a great brand both  off and online. Now within less than 3 years of launching, 2aT has gained a strong clientele and is quickly becoming a supportive platform and online resource hub for small businesses alike.