The Australian Nanny Association Committee is elected annually at the AGM. We welcome participation from our members and value the expertise and experience that each committee member brings to help ANA continue to achieve its goals.

How can I get involved? Become an ANA member and help the Australian nanny community provide high quality care in the home.

Lauren Brown


Lauren has spent the past ten years working with families in the Nanny and Childcare industry.  She holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and is passionate about delivering incredible learning journeys to support development in the early years.

Lauren is an active member of Melbourne’s entrepreneur circles as she launches a range of startup solutions to the Nanny Industry. Lauren is excited for her first year as president and is looking forward to helping the ANA brand grow, to support the community through industry changes and represent our industry in stakeholder discussions with the Australian Tax Office, the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Federal Government.

Belinda McDonald

Vice President

Belinda has been a professional Nanny for 12 plus years. She holds Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and works with multiple families across Melbourne. Belinda is very passionate about the professionalism of the nanny industry. She aims to increase awareness regarding employment/sole traders, minimum wage, tax and superannuation. Belinda also believes that regardless of experience or qualifications it is important to continually participate in  professional development to expand knowledge and skills

Daria Jelcic


Daria is the proud founder and Executive director of The Nanny Collective. The Nanny Collective was created in order to provide a platform for parents to connect with Early Childhood professionals who provide care and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children in home environments.

Daria has a Masters in Teaching (birth to 12 years) and spent a number of years teaching in NSW public schools. She has a great deal of interest in Early Childhood Education and Care and hence her passion for working with children and their families at The Nanny Collective.

With the transition to working parenthood being such an important step for many families, The Nanny Collective aims to support parents in making childcare arrangements as easy and stress free as possible.

Daria is excited to to use her position as treasurer to be a part of the changes that are happening in the Nanny industry within Australia.


Past President and Public Officer

is a founding member of the Australian Nanny Association. Annemarie felt that nannies were being misrepresented in the media and wanted to share their positive experiences working as and with nannies. Annemarie has 20 years working with children including Centre based care, social welfare, nannying and currently as an Agency owner. Annemarie has a Diploma in Community Services and Certificate 3 in Childrens Services.

Melissa Downden

Past President

Melissais a career Nanny from Melbourne with over 10 years experience including three years in Europe. She became a strong advocate for Nannies after she created Nanny Networks in states across Australia and saw the constant battles Nannies and families were facing. She hopes to help the community by being a voice for Nannies and help communicate the needs and concerns of Nannies around Australia.

Annie Sargood

Agency Membership Officer

Annie is an extremely passionate advocate for the Nanny industry. She is the founder of a Melbourne based nanny agency Est. 1999. Annie has a particular interest in keeping the industry simple, easy, safe and family/nanny friendly. She believes that the intimate nature of the working relationship between a Nanny and the family is something that must be considered whilst this industry becomes more regulated. She feels that the end users don’t need a complicated model full of too many rules. She adopts the keep it simple philosophy! Knowing that Nannying comes from the heart, it should not be tied up with too much red tape.

Amy Blain

Nanny Membership Officer

Amy started her career 18 years ago as a childcare educator in Long Day Care  and made the transition to working as a Nanny in 2017.

She holds a Diploma of Children’s Services and is also a mother of 3 young daughters.

Amy is very excited to continue in her role as Nanny Membership Officer for the ANA committee and looks forward to helping support and strengthen the Australian Nanny industry.

Elle Rushton

Business/Family/Individual Membership Officer and Event Co-ordinator 

Elle has shown a passion for work with children with particular interest in supporting children with additional needs. Currently running her own business, Elle has found her passion in the field of In-Home Child Care, striving to provide high quality services to her families while enjoying her role as the Nanny in children’s lives.

Elle has an extensive background with over 13 years experience in working various roles with children not limited to the role of Dance Teacher, Swim Teacher, play education, assistant co-ordinator and co-ordinator of an Out of School Hours Care service. These roles have played a vital part in Elle’s development as a professional Nanny and has inspired her to support fellow Nannies as well.

Elle is very excited to be part of the ANA Committee this year.

Sam Ligertwood

Social Media and NSW Nanny Representative

Sam is a career Nanny. Starting off in Early Childhood Centres, Sam has had the opportunity to work with newborns through to school ready children. She managed many different rooms and held the role of team management over a six period career.

Sam holds a Certificate IV in Children’s Studies and after her time working in Childhood centres moved onto In Home Care working alongside Department of Community Services to work with families in times of instability. For the past 10 years Sam has been working as a Family PA and in family management positions. All her positions have children as a major factor. Sam is passionate about changing the mindset of the Nannying industry, where Nannying as a profession is still a stigma. She is also passionate about mentoring other Nannies and making the industry a more cohesive and social environment for anyone wishing to pursue the profession.

Deborah Wood

Nanny Representative Co-ordinator and NSW Nanny Representative

Deborah has been working with children for 15 years, six years in a daycare setting and nine years as a Nanny. Deborah holds a Certificate III Early Childhood Education, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education). She is passionate about children being loved, cared for, laughed with and read to.

Deborah looks forward to continuing her work as a NSW Nanny Representative to bring our Nanny community together to offer support, advice and encouragement. She is keen to help provide and find opportunities for Nannies’ professional development, as educated Nannies is a key component to a strong industry.

Victoria Ratcliff

IT Officer and VIC Nanny Representative

Victoria has been a Nanny for 10 years. For the majority of her career she has specialized in working with families of children who have additional needs. She is passionate about Early intervention. In addition she has skills in multi-media and IT, having completed her VET 3 and 4 in multi-media.

In her spare time she helps with a community Dance School in Melbourne as well as being a proud member of the support team for Usher Kids Australia. As she completes her Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood and Primary education, she hopes that as a member of the ANA team she can work with nannies to create a stronger Australian wide Nanny community.

Sarah Steel

Newsletter Officer

Sarah has been working with children for eighteen years, in Childcare and Kindergarten. Sarah has been working as a Nanny for the past eight years. She has now set up her own Nanny business and employs other Nannies and helps families. Sarah is invested in child welfare and has become a foster carer.

Natalie Wiggett

NT Nanny Representative 

Nat has worked as a Nanny for the last eight years, moving from country Victoria, to Chicago, USA, back to Melbourne, to the Northern Territory. She is passionate about the Nanny industry, and making sure that Nannies are paid and treated fairly. In her spare time, Nat enjoys spending time with friends in her pool, watching Netflix, and visiting new areas in the NT.

Becky Kemp

QLD Nanny Representative 

Becky is a professional Nanny who specialises in maternity care, having completed both her National Nanny qualification in New Zealand and her Post Natal Carer qualification in the UK. She has over 18 years with world wide experience. This has lead to her appreciation of different cultures and the uniqueness of every child. Becky’s role often includes house/team management and working in partnership with the parents which frequently extends to all immediate family members.

Becky is a firm believer in the importance of Nannies actively engaging in personal and professional development, and also the latest in research in child development. She is extremely excited to be part of the ANA committee and offer support to other Nannies and also families in our community.

Aristea Michaloudakis

SA Nanny Representative 

Aristea has been caring for children as an Early Childhood Educator and Nanny over the past five years. She is working towards her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and has a passion for watching children learn and grow whilst in a nurturing environment. She looks forward to being on the ANA committee and being a voice for other Nannies.