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Nominations for the 2018-2019 ANA volunteer Committee

are now open.

We encourage all our members to consider nominating for a position on the Committee.

This is an important and rewarding role representing your nanny community and ANA members.

If you’re a member thinking you’d like to be an active part of ANA, don’t be shy, nominate yourself for a committee position! Nanny and agency members can nominate for executive committee positions which are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Public Officer (must live in NSW) and Secretary. Other members (including nanny and agency) can nominate for sub-committee positions. Some roles are giving as little as a couple of hours. You do not have to be an expert or speaker – it really is helping out as you can and making the role your own to help continue to support and grow the nanny community.

Nominations need to be received by the 8th October 2018.

To nominate please download the ANA committee nomination form 2018. It has an outline all all the positions and a page for nominating. If you have any more questions, please contact the current committee.