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Welcome to Australian Nanny Association

What is the Australian Nanny Association?

The Australian Nanny Association Incorporated (ANA) was established in 2012 in response to the increasing demand for in-home childcare. We represent our members from the home-based child care sector including and not limited to nannies, in-home care educators, home-based carers, families employing nannies, agencies, and service providers of home based care services.

The Australian Nanny Association is the first Australian association to represent all sections of the nanny industry, and believes that the nanny industry can achieve the best possible outcomes for all involved by working together as a whole.

The Australian Nanny Association aims to provide a support network for Australia’s nannies, families who employ nannies, and service providers (agencies).

The Australian Nanny Association believes professional nannies should be recognised as a legitimate quality childcare option for families, and that the availability of the Child Care Rebate (CCR) should be extended to families who employ nannies. This would allow greater flexibility in meeting the childcare needs of Australian families.

The Australian Nanny Association also aims to educate the public about nannies and the role they play in the care of children within the community.


ANA participates in a variety of Stakeholder and Government Consultations. Currently ANA is participating in regular consultation with the Federal Government and key stakeholders on Early Childcare and Learning to complement the Council, the Department of Education. The Group’s membership encompasses organisations from across the sector with experience in the operation of child care and early learning services.

Coalition of Early Childhood Peak Bodies National – Early Childhood Australia

Department of Education – Stakeholder Reference Group

Education and Care Technical Reference Group – Australian Government Coalition of Early Childhood Peak Bodies National


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Join our vibrant national community as an Australian Nanny Association member. There are options for nannies, agencies, businesses, families and individual supporters.

Our Aim at the Australian Nanny Association


Nannies and Mannies

Our aim is to bring together, support and represent nannies and manny home based carers working in Australia.

Agency Members

The Australian Nanny Association is proud to have our professional agency members join with us in supporting and growing the nanny home based care community.

Business and Individual Supporters

Supporter members of the ANA will be recognised publicly as individuals or businesses that support the aims, philosophy and goals of ANA.

Family Membership

Family Membership is for families that employ a nanny/manny.

Member Discounts

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Member Advantages

Receive accurate and prompt information about the issues within the industry
Advocacy to ensure professional interests are shared effectively to other professionals, key stakeholders and government bodies.
Public relations to actively educate and market to the general public and referring service providers.
Professional development by high-calibre experts brought locally to association events.
Enhance your network and broaden your career.


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