About the ANA

The Australian Nanny Association Incorporated (ANA) was established in 2012 by a small group of nannies and nanny agency owners to provide a support network for Australia’s large nanny/home-based care community, the families who engage their services, and the agencies who facilitate the employment of nannies and home-based carers.

Australian Nanny Association believes that nannies play a very important role in the care, education, and upbringing of Australian children. It’s estimated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that there are currently up to 30,000 paid carers in homes across Australia.

The nanny profession is ever-growing in demand with more parents working part-time or shift work, and lacking family support available to help with childcare. Continuing rises in centre-based fees, and broader awareness of more flexible options to engage quality care, mean that there is a vital place for nannies and home-based child care in Australian homes. It is important that we value the important role nannies play for families.

Valuing quality, professional care, and development of nannies and agencies is what the Australian Nanny Association is all about.