Types of Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance – Families who engage a nanny as an employee or (sometimes) as a contractor) will need to have insurance to cover workers in their home.

Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance – People working as a nanny or in another in-home child care role are advised to have these insurances (often referred to in the industry as ‘nanny insurance’).

Workers Compensation

For families, this might be arranged by your agency (if using one) otherwise you should contact the workers’ compensation scheme in your state/territory for further information about your insurances obligations.

ACT – https://www.worksafe.act.gov.au

NSW – https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/

NT – https://worksafe.nt.gov.au/

QLD – https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/

SA – https://www.safework.sa.gov.au/

TAS – https://www.worksafe.tas.gov.au/

VIC – https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/

WA – https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/worksafe

Public Liability

For nannies/in-home care workers, Liability Insurance covers your legal costs & expenses (such as medical costs and compensation) in the event you are found negligent in causing personal injury or property damage to a third party. Liability Insurance cover provides a financial safety net in the event of something unforeseeable happening. Nannysure is one provider of this ‘nanny insurance.

Claim examples –

  • You stumble and accidentally drop a child whilst walking down the stairs, leaving them with a permanent disability
  • You are cooking dinner, leave the kitchen for a moment and return to find it on fire. The parents home Insurer will claim against you personally for the damages.

Professional Indemnity

For nannies/in-home care workers, Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you by covering you for civil liability claims for compensation sought by customers who believe you have breached your professional duty in the conduct of your profession (i.e. you make a mistake causing someone to suffer a financial loss).

Claim examples –

  • Defamation – Making of false, derogatory statement in private or public about a person’s business practices, character, financial status, morals, or reputation
  • Unintentional infringement of copyright, trademark, registered design or patent or any plagiarism or breach of confidentiality.

Personal Accident & Illness

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance is designed to protect you against loss of income resulting from an injury or sickness. If you are self employed with no sick leave, or are in a situation where your income is essential to meet financial commitments this insurance offers you peace of mind that your weekly income is insured.