Family Membership is for families that employ a nanny/manny.

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Upon successful registration family members will receive:
  • A membership certificate with a unique registration number.
  • Access to the quarterly newsletter with lots insider news and information relevant to the nanny industry.
  • Access to the ANA member-only Facebook group.
  • Access to family/employer peer support from within the industry from other ANA members.
  • Access to exclusive ANA discounts
  • Invitations to attend exclusive ANA events.
  • Invitations to attend ANA Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
  • Ability to nominate themselves for committee positions and to hold executive and sub-committee positions.
  • Ability to vote for nominated persons on the ANA committee.

Family Membership Form


  • Discounted Family member information required.

    Please provide us with your nannies/mannies full name and ANA registration number:
    I declare that the above information is true and correct and give permission for the Australian Nanny Association to verify any information considered necessary to process my application. I have read and agree to the ANA mission statement. I have read and understand the Australian Nanny Association Model Constitution and Facebook Code of Conduct and upon successful appointment to the Australian Nanny Association I agree to be bound by this constitution/code of conduct for the duration of my membership period.