For families that have a nanny, and for individuals outside of the nanny industry.

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Supporter members are individuals and families that regard professional nannies/home-based carers as a quality and legitimate childcare option for Australian families.

Upon successful registration Supporter Members will receive:
  • A membership certificate with a unique registration number.
  • Access to the ANA newsletter with insider news and information relevant to the nanny industry.
  • Access to the member-only Facebook group.
  • Access to family/employer peer support from other ANA members involved in the industry.
  • Access to exclusive ANA discounts.
  • Invitations to attend ANA events.
  • Invitations to attend ANA Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
  • Ability to nominate themselves for committee positions and to hold executive and sub-committee positions.
  • Ability to vote for nominated persons on the ANA committee.

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