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Nanny/Governess/In-home Educator

  • Experienced in working with children
  • Holds a working with children check
  • Holds accredited First Aid and CPR training
  • Independent and uses own initiative
  • Often holds relevant qualifications
  • Can provide long term continuity for child
  • Knowledgable in facilitating age and developmentally appropriate activities
  • Knows Australian customs e.g Child safety/methods
  • Is employed (part-time, full-time, or casual) by the family/agency, or runs their own business as a sole trader
  • Can take responsibility for full care of the children and the children’s belongings as needed
  • Communicates with other care providers such as School or Kindergarten
  • Can meet with family for interview prior to commencement and undertake a trial
  • Can be left in sole charge care of children of all ages
  • May already know the local area and be connected to locations and activities to visit with the children
  • May be an experienced driver and may own their own car
  • Can be live in or out
  • Role falls under the Miscellaneous Award and must meet or exceed its minimum standards
  • Hours vary from as little as 4hrs to as many as 60 hours per week.

Au Pair

  • Has travelled to Australia from another country and usually holds a limited work visa
  • Typically unqualified
  • May not have First Aid/CPR training
  • Must get a working with children check
  • May have basic child care knowledge, but generally requires training from the family to do the job
  • Police/background check from home country (can be difficult to obtain authentic background information)
  • Receives pocket money, room, and board in exchange for home support
  • Typically limited to 12 months with a family, due to visa restrictions
  • May encounter language barriers but may often speak another language fluently
  • Typically does not know Australian customs, though may share their customs with the family
  • Not used to driving in Australia
  • May only have opportunity for phone/video interview prior to commencement
  • Suited to working as a mother’s help (Not recommended to be left unsupervised especially with children under the age of 2 years)
  • Family needs to work around au pair studies and/or travels and other activities
  • Hours vary from 4 hours to a maximum of 30 hours per week so the au pair can still participate in cultural activities or study
  • Generally live in

(Please note this is a general overview of nannies and au pairs. Individual circumstances will vary from person to person.)