The Australian Nannies Association (ANA)  is running a special week for nannies – Nanny Appreciation Week from the 31st October to the 6th of November 2016 we are celebrating Nannies working in Australia.

Please recognise your nanny and thank them for the hard work they do. Nannies please share this event with your friends, colleagues and employers.

#NANNYAPPRECIATIONWEEK on your twitter feed to show your appreciation.

If you have a nanny already or if you want to show a nanny your appreciation here’s some things you can do:

  • Share through social media with the hashtag campaign #nannyappreciationweek
  • Buy your nanny a gift, some flowers or even pay for their first aid renewal.
  • Get involved with the Australian Nanny Association and help improve the nanny sector.
  • Give your nanny an end of year bonus.
  • Consider a pay rise.
  • Simply tell your nanny how much you appreciate them and say thank you.

Nanny Appreciation Week is about celebrating our in home carers, governesses and nannies who all play a big part of helping to care for and raise the children of Australia.
Nannies often work in isolation and this is an opportunity for the community to get together.

The ANA aims to continue encouraging best practice, qualifications and training within the nanny sector and regularly meets with key stakeholders in childcare.
With the Nanny Pilot Programme commencment in January 2016 we want to ensure quality practices for nannies, families and children within the in home care sector.